Meditation Program at Ananda in English


Practice SSS Daily & live a happy life! Here & now! - Master Azeembeary

Let's join for an Elevating and extremely Inspiring meditation session guided by Mystic Master Azeembeary, Founder of 'The Lifecrafter', through ‘ Stillness Silence & Solitude! ' on 7th February , Friday from 6.30pm to 8pm at Ananda.

Master Azeembeary's sessions are special and unique opportunities to immerse into the eternal Bliss, Peace and Love. Let's join the beautiful, effortless and extremely effective inner journey for a Refining experience. Words can't describe, it has to be experienced.

About our Guide

Mystic Master Azeembeary's interest in deeper questions of life even as a young boy led him to different places in India and abroad. He has trained with the Himalayan Masters as well as the Sufi Saints on Saadhana and Sufi mysticism and is a sincere practitioner of both the streams. He is also an intuitive numerologist. He has founded 'Life Crafter' in Bengaluru and travels all over India to advice people to overcome various problems in life through numerology and spiritual practices. His talks are simple but contain the wealth of his experience.

Do pass on the information to others who might also benefit.


Song of Bliss

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